Suitable Vehicles

Currently available models are listed below. If your vehicle is not listed, contact us and we will happily make a TrekTable for your vehicle. We can also cater for your special application such as a campervan or motorhome. We have even made Trek Tables for boats!

Toyota Landcruiser Prado 90 Series

The 90 Series Prado Landcruiser has a huge rear door with flat door lining making it excellent for a Trek Table. The size of the Prado Trek Table makes it a very popular model. The standard rear door includes two storage pockets which can remain in place with the Trek Table or they can be removed if desired to leave a clean flat rear door. The photos illustrate a rear door with the storage pockets intact.

Width: 900 mm

Depth: 500 mm

Hinges: 2

Latch: 2 x Cord Loops

Opened TableClosed TableBlank door before fitting Trek TableRetaining ButtonClosed ViewOpened Table