Table Uses

Trek Table is a very simple and convenient table you can take anywhere your 4WD goes. This versatile addition to your 4WD has hundreds of uses and is available anytime your vehicle is stationary. Best of all, it hardly takes up any space and takes about 3 seconds to setup!

Pack Up Time

Often when packing up camp, your table is one of the first items that needs to be packed, leaving you without somewhere to place smaller items before packing away. Trek Table is a handy shelf which can be the last thing packed before you close the door.

Handy Shelf

Where do you place items as you take them out of your fridge? Often you have to make several trips between the camp table and the refrigerator in the back of your vehicle. Trek Table provides a handy spot to place all your items before opening your fridge and packing them all away together.

Baby Changing Table

Ever had to change a baby's nappy while travelling? It's very hard to find a flat comfortable change table on the side of the road or even at the shops. Trek Table provides a quick and handy change table. We even store baby wipes and rubbish bags in the handy knick knacks holder so they are always at hand!

Preparation Table

Where do you prepare morning tea and lunches when stopping for a quick break while travelling? Why go to the trouble of unpacking your camp table when you can simply fold down your Trek Table? It's quick and simple and provides a great place to make morning teas and lunches!

Clothes Line

Where do you hang your damp tea towels and washing cloths when travelling? Trek Table has a handy clothes line built into the underside (which is the open side when the table is stored) which you can hang smaller items such as tea towels and washing cloths.

Knick Knack Storage

Trek Table can be customised with storage pockets for keeping all those hard to find knick knacks handy. Things like cigarette lighters, matches, even your pocket knife can all be kept handy in the storage pockets built into the back of Trek Table. Ask us how we can assist with customising a Trek Table for you.