Fitting Instructions

Trek Table has been carefully designed to allow fitting by almost anyone using some very simple tools. This helps keep the cost down by allowing you to fit your Trek Table yourself.

Trek Table is brought to you by Andrew & Robyn Helmore. We are avid campers & 4WD enthusiasts who enjoy the beauty Australia has to offer. The idea for Trek Table came to Andrew while preparing for a trip to Cape York with our first child. Taking children on extended trips presents all new challenges and our Trek Table proved itself tremendously handy as a change table and was commented on by a large number of people. We now have two young boys and we still use it all the time (even on quick trips around town) because we find it so handy.

Seasoned travellers and anyone who travels with young children or babies will understand just how handy an instant table can be.

After several enquiries from interested 4WD owners, Andrew decided to start making Trek Table for everyone to enjoy. The business has grown steadily from those humble beginnings and now Trek Tables can be found on 4WDs all over Australia.

We enjoy hearing from our customers so feel free to contact us by email or phone.

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Ph. 07 3848 3946